Call for Proposals

Calling all people who design (not just designers)!

We are now accepting ideas for talks and workshops for Interaction Week 2020. It’s your time to rise and shine, and help us create a diverse and interesting program. Submissions are open through 8 September 2019, at 11:59pm PST.

We would very much like you to submit your idea for something you want to share: inspire people, and help shape the conversation in the design communities. You will also meet other design leaders from all around the world. More importantly, it will be fun!

Even if Interaction Week is dedicated to interaction design, we welcome and encourage submissions from experts in other fields who consider the impact of design and technology on contemporary and future society. We hope to include viewpoints from fields like psychology, robotics, manufacturing, and mathematics (to name just a few).

If you need some more guidance, we have put together some tips on how to reduce your stress levels, and increase the level of quality of your proposal.

Still unsure? Here’s some more details to help you in your submission:

Choose a relevant topic

With a range of participation opportunities, from short talks to full-day workshops, at Interaction Week 2020 we hope to engage a diverse group of speakers from around the globe to share their reflections and provocations on the value and potential of interaction design, shaping a collective point of view that looks at the maturity, meaning, and evolution of our practice.

Our theme this year, A New Dawn, will explore the meaning and evolution of our practice and approaches, now that we have begun to design almost anything for anywhere. We play with new technologies, as we face unprecedented organizational, societal, and industrial challenges. What brought us here will not be enough to help us design the future. We need fresh perspectives. We invite submissions from both design and other disciplines, all of which are contributing to the evolution of the interaction design practice.

We think there are three facets to this new dawn. Your talk proposal should fit one of these tracks, designed to guide our discussion around impact areas and timeframes:

  • Ch-Ch-Changes - explore the practices (and the theories) that help us be more effective, be change agents, have a bigger impact with our work - commercial or otherwise;

  • Traversing the Unknown - help us define uncharted territories, venturing into experimental and radically new knowledge, methods and practices;

  • Wicked Solutions - present engaging approaches to some of the big societal and individual problems of our times - from climate change to work/life balance, from filter bubbles to inequality.

Think about the audience

We want to set the stage for advanced, as well as in-depth topics, so while the conference is open to every level, the majority of the audience is going to be senior designers, tech and creative directors, thought leaders, startup founders, teachers, and beyond. Everyone is welcome, but the content is at the leading edge. We are focused on what is coming next and what will shape our work tomorrow.

Find the right format

You will inspire people and help shape the discipline of interaction design. You will meet other design leaders from around the world. More importantly, it will be fun!

Submit a Talk

We are seeking talks of different lengths to accommodate a variety of approaches and insights:

  • 7 minutes to describe one straightforward use-case or concept;
  • 15 minutes to expand over a single larger idea with examples;
  • 35 minutes with a very rich, full-fledged and well articulated concept or historical walkthrough.
Most important, the talk you propose should fit one of the three tracks of our theme.

Submit a talk

Submit a Workshop

Go one step further and consider an already experienced audience and do deep-dives on a topic from the very beginning.

We will have a mix of short (4h) and long (8h) workshops. You’ll be guiding your class through a specific topic, with a strong mix of hands-on exercises and lectures.

From very practical activities with tangible outcomes to more visionary exercises, always ask yourself what the participants would take-away from your session, and if it’s relevant to the larger conference theme.

Submit a workshop

Shape your abstract

In the submission process, you will need to provide:
  • Information about you: your bio, your contact information, and your experience as a speaker;
  • A summary of what you want to discuss: a description of your talk or workshop, some key takeaways for the audience, and your experience on the topic.
This information will help us review and select the program. We ask that you use the I/my pronoun and try to refrain from including identifying information in the title or description. We use it to have a neutral way of evaluating your submission.

What happens after you submit your proposal?

Here's key dates for you to remember:
  • Deadline for submitting the proposals for both talks and workshops: 8 September 2019
  • We will inform all talk and workshop applicants if they have been selected: 10 October 2019
  • Full Program and Workshops announced: 20 October 2019

How do we select the proposals?

Your proposals are peer reviewed by members from the IxDA community - our selection committee. We review on the basis of quality, speaker experience, how well it aligns with the conference themes and other presentations, keeping in mind the overall aim: diversity of point of views.

How do we encourage diversity and a wide range of point of views?

To encourage diversity on stage, the Interaction 20 team is available to support speakers with coaching and reviewing of presentations.

You are welcome to present in the language of your choice and we will provide translation as required. Talks will be live captioned.

Our venues are accessible and we will work with you to accommodate individual needs as requested. Travelling with children? Or nursing? Let us know and we'll work with you to ensure there is appropriate care and space for your needs. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any doubts or questions, or if we’ve missed something important.

Do it for passion, glory, and well, an incentive

As a speaker or facilitator, you will be in the position to shape the discourse of the Interaction Design community. Not only:
  1. For each talk, you will receive 1 free ticket for the conference, an honorarium and 2 nights at a designated conference hotel.
  2. For each workshop, you get 50% of the proceeds from your workshop ticket sales and 1 free ticket for the conference.

Ready to participate?

Great! We look forward to reading your proposal. You can submit it on our Submittable platform.

Interaction Design Education Summit

The Call for Proposals for the 2020 Interaction Design Education Summit will open at a later date. Stay tuned for more information!