2-7 FEBRUARY 2020

A New Dawn.

Look back on the Milan edition of Interaction Week, one of the largest events dedicated to design and its consequences. We brought together more than a thousand designers, makers, researchers to look into the evolution of design, exploring the cutting-edge.

Organized by IxDA - the largest community dedicated to interaction design - and hosted by the IxDA Milan & Turin local group, Interaction Week 2020 brought together the brightest minds in design, as well as science, philosophy, psychology and business.

Off-center, on point

6 days of practical inspiration for people who design

In designing for an increasingly inclusive world, we seek to identify the talking points of the industry’s evolution. More than just a conference, Interaction Week was a mix of events aimed at inspiring designers and anyone who design: thought-provoking, revitalizing and diverse.

Interaction 20 Conference

3 days of conference, 80 talks. Interaction 20 has given voice to a diverse range of points of view. More than 1000 participants made this one of the biggest and more interesting conferences on design. And one of the last events of the first half of 2020 that brought people physically together in one single location.

Our theme, A New Dawn, explored the meaning and evolution of our practice and approaches, now that we have begun to design almost anything for anywhere. We play with new technologies, as we face unprecedented organizational, societal, and industrial challenges. What brought us here will not be enough to help us design the future.


Great way to train your design muscles with practical, hands-on, fun (also: incredibly insightful) workshops. We had 21 workshops, half- and full-day sessions to choose from.

Interaction Awards Ceremony

We celebrated design thought leadership and innovation around the globe in this evening of awards. 30 finalists competed for 6 categories, to show - in practice - how interaction design impacts and improves human lives.

Satellite Events

Milan is a city rich with design, and with opportunities to gather together and socialize. We wanted to give participants the chance to be part of it! JWe organised Design Aperitivos & Dinners in iconic restaurants, as well as Studio Tours - to explore some of the most interesting design studios in Milan.

And more ...


IxDA Design Education Summit

We hosted the 2-day summit to help you grow your passion for learning and educating, explore how design learning is even more transdisciplinary.


Student Design Charette

A 4-day exciting and intense team-based challenge, to get students - and recently graduated - to demonstrate their skills in the design charrette and learn from amazing mentors. The IxDA Student Design Charrette reflects the growing diversity of design education and practice; over 100 students will compete, from all over the globe.


Local Leaders’ Retreat

For IxDA Local Leader - or those interested in starting an IxDA Local group - we hosted the annual Local Leader’s Retreat in a one day workshop. A great occasion to get together with fellow Local Leaders to discuss strategies for designing a passionate IxDA community in your area.


Opening Party

An evening of nibbles, drinks and chat with other participants. Hosted in one of the most fascinating spaces of the Science Museum of Milan, full of amazing pieces of transportation engineering. Not only: participants had access to the Leonardo exhibition, where they could walk through some of his creations and ideas.


Closing Party

A celebration of the week spent together at a Studio Novanta - a gloriously post-industrial warehouse, with a bold new look, in the east side of Milan. The closing party and the IxDA Interaction Awards ceremony were held together, so that participants had the chance to mix the social and the inspirational.


Extra: Turin Design Tours

For those who had a spare day after the conference ends, and wanted to explore some more, we got them covered: we partnered with Turin’s Circolo del Design give them the chance to have a taste of Turin’s design and food excellences.

What makes it special?

Inspiring perspectives

Don’t miss keynotes by some of the brightest in the industry. Moreover, you get the chance to hear a new wave of fresh perspectives from diverse and inspiring points of view

The city of design

Crowned by Wallpaper* magazine as Best City, Milan is home to the most iconic designs the world has seen.

An amazing venue

MiCo is part of an urban project that reshaped a district of Milan best known for its car manufacturing heritage.